Our Mission and Project Work

SANCSS Australia has been established to support children in Australia and other countries who are living in disadvantaged circumstances.  This is achieved by providing support services to disadvantaged children in the community through educational, sporting, indigenous and other projects. Donations of funds and goods help us to support communities by enhancing the lives of children as well as setting up projects to target specific needs within a community.

The vision and goal of the Sancss Australia is to be a leading provider of care services for disadvantaged children.

We are also active in organising short-term community projects that bring direct and speedy relief to disadvantaged children. Please read about some of these current and past projects.

Upcoming Projects

Education for children is considered a basic human right yet so many do not have access to adequate and up to date resources in order for this to ocurr.

We are working with local city governments and education departments in the Philippines to set up educational resource centres. These centres will act as a point where teachers and educators can borrow much-needed supplies to teach their students and then return it once completed. They will also have access to a computer lab which can be booked out for use by teachers for their classes. The first such Educational Resource Centre is being set up in Ormoc City, Leyte Philippines with plans for more in other cities.



Indigenous Project

We are currently working on several indigenous projects which will be looking at loss of identity amongst indigenous youth as well as issues within the juvenile justice system in particular the concept of Restorative Justice.

How Can You Help?

Learn more about us

We encourage you to learn more about us, our project work, and the people we are helping. Get in contact, ask us questions and find out more. We invite you to join us in the work we are doing.

Become our volunteer

We are a small growing team that has already been operating together for a number of years. We invite others to join us and become actively involved in our project work and experience the personal reward of helping others.

Make donations to projects

We are largely a self-funded organisation. Donations and sponsorships simply give our current projects greater impact and reach. Contributions go directly to helping disadvantaged children.

Spread the word about us

We have found that word of mouth is hugely important to help gain support and resources. If you know of people or companies that may be able to help with our project work we would greatly appreciate if you could point us in their direction.

Some of Our Previous Projects

  Help our Christmas Dental Fund reach more children in need