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Residential Care Facilities

Goal to provide children a caring, supporting environment and access to therapeutic care.

Sancss Australia  has been established for the purpose of assisting children in Australia and other countries, to overcome life-barriers including: adequate accommodation, health, educational barriers and more. 

A long term goal is to establish residential care homes and the implementation of programs to help educate youth and their families that are affected by this in specific regions of the Philippines and funding community projects in other areas for the benefit of disadvantaged children.

Since typhoon Yolanda devastated the parts of the Philippines in 2013, the need for services for these at risk children has risen with Government Services not being able to cope with the demand.

Research shows (  that adult survivors of childhood abuse have higher levels of alcohol and substance abuse use, higher levels of homelessness, chronic ill health and greater mental health issues.

Joey (named changed) is a 6 year old boy who was brought to a local orphanage.  His parents had split up and found new partners.  They started new families and neither his mother nor father wanted him as part of their new families.  Joey had no formal education and was presenting as unhealthy with poor oral hygiene.

Jackie (name changed) is an 8 year old girl who was brought to an orphanage after being picked up from off the streets.  She has been working on the streets for several years, is illiterate with very basic language and has no formal education as she has never attended school.  She has significant health issues, including a mouthful of rotting teeth.

Sean (name changed) is a 4 year old who was abandoned by his family as they could not afford to look after him.  His father was a significant drug user whilst his mother prostituted herself to feed not only her drug habit but her husband’s.  Several attempts had been made to in the past to assist the family to care for Sean, but with limited to no community programs available, efforts were futile.  It is foreseen that Sean will remain in the care of one of the current orphanages.  Sadly, given the lack of funds, training and services, he will too have a limited education and preparation for the future.

There are many children in the Philippines who through no fault of their own are unable to live in a positive home environment.  The children’s home will aim to provide children with a safe and secure home environment to grow and thrive in.  All efforts will be made to reunite the children with their families and/or extended families whilst providing care for them.

The homes will cater for children aged 0-17, housing them in homes which will have live-in carers and other professional staff on site to help care for them.  The facility will endeavor to replicate a nurturing, supportive and loving home environment whilst assisting the children to work through issues relating to trauma, attachment and grief and loss. This will occur through the implementation of therapeutic care practices.

The residential care facility will provide:

  • Caring home environment
  • Health checks and services
  • Healing/recovery from trauma
  • Reunification efforts
  • General Education
  • Vocational training (TESDA or equivalent)
  • Recreational activities, community service work
  • Leaving care
  • Self sufficiency and revenue raising

Sancss  is seeking viable options to carry out this project in the Philippines.

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