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Unfortunately the luxury of dental treatment is not always the case for many children around the globe, especially in undeveloped countries. Many go throughout their entire childhood without ever having attended a dentist…

Sancss Australia  has supported a village school in Pavaera, Arawa, PNG by providing numerous educational supplies as well as setting up an IT lab.

We have worked with others to provide Christmas gifts to children who would otherwise not have received much. There is much joy to be found in giving.

How Can You Help?

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We encourage you to learn more about us, our project work, and the people we are helping. Get in contact, ask us questions and find out more. We invite you to join us in the work we are doing.

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We are a small growing team that has already been operating together for a number of years. We invite others to join us and become actively involved in our project work and experience the personal reward of helping others.

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We are largely a self-funded organisation. Donations and sponsorships simply give our current projects greater impact and reach.

Spread the word about us

We have found that word of mouth is hugely important to help gain support and resources. If you know of people or companies that may be able to help with our project work, we would greatly appreciate if you could point us in their direction.

  Help our Christmas Dental Fund reach more children in need