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Who We Are

Hi, I’m Jaime Ramos, Founder of SANCSS Australia Ltd Helping Kids Everywhere.


Leading a team of professionals who are passionate about the care and well-being of children. We are dedicated to helping people like you, provide assistance and support to children experiencing disadvantage in Australia and other countries.

Our Vision

With a vision to see people like you and I come together to assist and enhance the lives of children everywhere, it is my passion to see children of all walks of life overcome barriers including lack of access to accommodation, healthcare, education; as well as freedom from drug and alcohol abuse and more. 

Our Mission

It is for this reason that our mission at SANCSS Australia is to be a leading provider of care services for children experiencing disadvantage.

Through distributing donated items from people like yourself and setting up projects that will fulfil the specific needs within a community we help provide for children in need, so that they can overcome the barriers they face.

Our values

We value each child as important and worthy to be supported. We recognize all children to have a unique purpose on earth and seek to speak this through every encounter they have with the SANCSS Australia initiatives..

Our story

SANCSS Australia was established in 2015. We facilitate and support programs throughout disadvantaged communities so that children can benefit through education, health, recreation and other programs.

It was back in November 2013 when devastation hit the Philippines from Typhoon Yolanda. Our hearts broke for the many children who would be impacted. With their own Government services unable to cope with the rising need, we knew we could lend a hand.

Providing support to children experiencing disadvantage, we began our mission. This has founded the approach of much of what we do today. This success and impact has seen us roll-out similar support in other community projects in Australia and other countries to reach children who are most in need.

Come Join us

Do you have a heart to help children ?

To speak life, love and value over children who may have never received it before?

Find out how you can support a child hereSANCSS Projects.

How you can help:

Find out about the cause that makes your heart tick

By learning more about the SANCSS projects, you can discover the areas that you are most passionate about, where you have questions and how you hope to join the mission.

Become a volunteer

You can help children who experience disadvantage by choosing to become actively involved in the SANCSS projects and finding ways to make projects more efficient.

Make donations to projects

Every gift you give goes straight to the area you ask. Therefore, as a largely self-funded organisation every donation that you offer to the administration of our projects, can help us to plan and find even more efficient ways of stewarding your resources.

Australian Educational Assistance

We love to help kids everywhere, but more so in our own local community.

We work with schools and community agencies in Melbourne and other parts of Australia to identify children who are in situations where they have limited or no access to educational materials needed for schooling. We work on sourcing the needed items and then distribute these to the children in need.

Sancss has provided stationery, books and laptops to children and youth in need; sadly we have many children who fall behind, drop out and are discouraged due to not being able to afford what is expected by the schooling system.


Community Projects

We love being hands on and working closely with others in our communities to support and provide hope to disadvantaged children.

With this in mind we have worked together with numerous local and international agencies and groups to facilitate change for children in need.

Community projects have ranged from providing educational supplies, sporting equipment, upgrading scout halls, setting up solar powered computer labs to dental work and supporting children with diabetes through the donation of phones.

Getting some teeth fixed.

Educational Resource Centre

We have been working closely with the Local Government Unit of Ormoc City in the Philippines to set up an Educational Resource Centre. Similar to our libraries except for the use of educators. With limited and usually outdated resources and reference materials, teachers struggle to provide students with up to date knowledge and information.

This Centre goes a long way to decreasing a large gap by providing educators a centre where they can loan resource materials to teach as well as book out a computer lab to teach IT classes in.

10 Laptops for a new highschool

Our Team

The people that make it all possible

Jaime Ramos

Jaime Ramos

Everyone has suffered some sort of trauma or stress in life; no one is immune from this. If you have ever experienced or witnessed childhood trauma, you would know the significant impact it can have on the health and well-being of a child right through to adulthood. My passion is to support children in need...
Dionne Pia

Dionne Pia

Based in Melbourne  Victoria, these days Dionne Pia is best known for her contributions and advocacy for youth as a Director of SANCSS Australia.  Dionne’s corporate background and proven track record has been instrumental in achieving outstanding results for her clients and committed to do the same for disadvantaged youth. When Dionne isn’t busy running...
Chad Glauser

Chad Glauser

Chad and Kristen Glauser live in Alaska.  While on holiday with their children in Australia, they met Jaime Ramos and learned of his humanitarian work in the Philippines.  They developed a strong desire to get involved and shortly after found themselves in Ormoc helping repair a children’s holding center that had been damaged in the...
Lynne Souquet

Lynne Souquet

Lynne has been helping our children and teenagers secure a brighter future since 2008. As a residential care worker, case manager, supervisor and counsellor, she has extensive personal experience engaging and empowering young people and their families in a variety of situations and backgrounds. Born in New Zealand, she has lived in Australia for over...

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