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Dental Work for Children in Need

Children from a disadvantaged community benefited from our latest dental project.


After two previous dental projects targeting street children, we collaborated with the Diamond Lions Club of Cebu to provide dental care for children in a disadvantaged area of Cebu.

A dental bus was provided by the Juanito I King Foundation, medical supplies purchased and dentists volunteering their time resulted in over 50 children having their teeth checked and basic filling and extractions taking place. Children were supplied with dental kits to take home as well as some snacks and fun on the day.

SANCSS Australia continues to look for avenues to provide dental care for the most vulnerable children.

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Our team continue to collaborate with community groups to provide much needed dental care.

You can help us reach more children. Donated funds will go directly to paying for treatment costs.

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2016 Christmas Dental Fund

Another Christmas full of Smiles for children in need.


After two consecutive years of providing needed dental work during the Christmas period, we are continuing this project.

As we continue our various projects in Ormoc, it brings us great satisfaction to see and talk to the children who have benefited from your kindness. They are truly grateful for your kindness.

We have provided hope and joy to over 50 children over the past two years. With your ongoing suport, we will provide an opportunity for street and orphaned children in Ormoc to have their dental hygiene needs taken care of.

SANCSS Australia will be raising funds to continue the work that is required.

SANCSS Australia continues to work with local dentists to provide much needed work to disadvantaged children in their communities. Future projects will bring further support to children, providing dental care and education for those most vulnerable.

If you would like to be part of the SANCSS Australia collective and  support our organisation and any of our programs, please contact us or donate via this page.

 Excited about going to the dentist

Excited about going to the dentist

 Dentist hard at work.

Dentist hard at work.

 Big smile after a visit to the dentist.

Big smile after a visit to the dentist.

2015 Christmas Dental Fund

A little extra Christmas generosity brings smiles to children in need.

Many people have the privilege to live in a country or in circumstances where they are able to access dental care for their children. In Australia we have a system where school age children have access to free dental services.  I believe Australia is one of the luckiest countries in the world as we have health care programs in place and government assistance that affords our children their basic human rights .

Unfortunately this luxury of dental treatment is not always the case for many children around the globe, especially in undeveloped countries.  Many go throughout their entire childhood without ever having attended a dentist.  

I have  travelled to many parts of the Philippines and witnessing first hand the lack of dental services for not only children in care but for many living at home with their families. Whilst talking and interacting with children in constant pain from holes in their teeth, watching them smile through blackened and broken teeth I was compelled to provide aid for these vulnerable children and hence I created the idea of the Christmas Dental Fund.

Currently the work is carried out by local dentists and over the next year SANCSS Australia will collaborate with an International Dental Mission group sourced from Australia and America who volunteer in the  Philippines their dental services; thus assisting as many children as possible.

Each Christmas SANCSS Australia  coordinates with local orphanages and primary/elementary schools determining which children are of high priority.  At present the majority of the funding comes from the generosity of the greater public to which SANCSS and recipients are very grateful for.

To date, I have personally funded the dental work for approximately 20 children, youth and young adults. Being able to see  the smiles on their faces after the work has been completed and listening to them talk about how great it is to be pain free is a humbling experience and a privilege that brings me great joy.

 There′s a lot of work to be done.

There′s a lot of work to be done.

 What a great Christmas gift.

What a great Christmas gift.

Some of Our Other Projects

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