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Remote Village IT Lab

An IT lab powered by solar in a remote village that has no electricity.


Great things start with small steps.

SANCSS was contact by a village representative from PNG asking if we could donate two laptops to their remote village school. Well, this project as an amazing journey as the initial project grew and grew.

With the intensive involvement of the local project coordinator on the ground we were able to facilitate this amazing project.

Two pallets of educational resources, 10 laptops and Solar Inverters and other needed items made their way to Paevara Village in the mountains near Arawa, Independent region of Bougainville, PNG.

So in a village that has no electricity, one solitary room is powered 24 hours a day. The Computer IT lab, powered entirely by solar is set up to assist students and teachers to access up to date information and resources.

An E-Learning system known as Rachel was installed to give students access offline to resources.

In a village where students previously needed to walk several kilometres downhill to get to a school with better resources, village children are now able to attend school in their own backyard and have better access to supplies and resources than most tow schools. SANCSS was glad to hear that enrollments for the school have increased significantly with many town children wanting to make the uphill journey to attend school.

“Pavaere SDA Primary School is the first Primary School in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville, PNG to have a computer lab and 24-hour access to power supply. Thanks to SANCSS Australia Ltd and its partners, Global Transitions Australia and Pencils Community, our enrolment has just hiked from 59 students last year (2018) to well over a hundred excited students this year!”

Nigel Taniung
Project Coordinator

Small Steps - Big Outcomes

We need your help to replicate similar projects in Papua New Guinea

All donations received that are project specific go directly to the implementation of programs.

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Matakana Island

Where they live off the land and sea


While completing a recent project in New Zealand, our Director, Dionne Pia travelled to Matakana Island with a car load of stationery and educational supplies, wetsuits, snorkels, flippers and goggles.

The supplies were gratefully accepted by the students and staff of the tiny island school. 30 students now had more than enough stationery and supplies to last a few years.

Support a School

Our team collect and distribute needed stationery to schools and students. Your support through gifts in kind and or financial assistance is used to directly support these children’s educational needs.

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Stationery Supplies

Leaving no child behind


SANCSS is committed to providing support for children in need. What a horrible feeling on the first day of school to have to turn up knowing you don’t have all the school supplies you need.

We provide stationery to schools for distribution to students who have been identified by the school as requiring assistance.

This provides the child with the same starting opportunity as others in the class whose families are able to afford all the supplies.

Pen for Success

Our team collect and distribute needed stationery to schools and students. Your support through gifts in kind and or financial assistance is used to directly support these children’s educational needs.

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Shoes For Schooling

Providing shoes for sore feet.



Many children are missing out on attending school due to what most of us take for granted, something to cover our feet.

Schools in the Philippines as well as Australia have students who miss out on education due to not having shoes to wear to school.

SANCSS is providing sandals/flip flops/slippers to schools in the Philippines to distribute to disadvantaged children; thus enabling them to walk to school without hurting their feet on hot and uneven gravel, stones and soil.

SANCSS is also providing shoes to local schools in Melbourne to distribute to disadvantaged children in need.

Happy feet, happy child.

Shoes are considered by many of us a necessity of life; we hope to provide as many children as we can with the opportunity to attend school due to having shoes to wear. You can help us reach more children. Donated funds or gifts in kind will go to the implementation of programs.

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10 Laptops for a new highschool

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