Jaime Ramos


Everyone has suffered some sort of trauma or stress in life; no one is immune from this.

If you have ever experienced or witnessed childhood trauma, you would know the significant impact it can have on the health and well-being of a child right through to adulthood.

My passion is to support children in need by providing understanding and educating those who work with, care for and create policies that affect the lives of these children.
In light of this, I strongly believe that children need a champion and an advocate.

I am the Founder and Chairman of SANCSS Australia Ltd, a non –for-profit charity that supports children who experience disadvantage in Australia and other countries.
I have been working in the area of families and children in both government and non-government agencies for over 20 years, covering areas of Mental Health, Juvenile Justice, Family Relationships, Parent Teen Conflict, Child Protection, Substance Use, Out of Home Care, Trauma and Attachment and the list goes on.
As well as supporting others, I make it a personal habit to look after my own mental health, that’s where Scuba Diving comes in. Everyone needs a good healthy hobby!