Lynne Souquet


Lynne has been helping our children and teenagers secure a brighter future since 2008. As a residential care worker, case manager, supervisor and counsellor, she has extensive personal experience engaging and empowering young people and their families in a variety of situations and backgrounds.

Born in New Zealand, she has lived in Australia for over 13 years and has had a practical involvement with the cultural backgrounds of both countries. After completing her diploma of professional counselling Lynne moved into Residential Care as she felt a more practical approach was needed to support our vulnerable young people.

Lynne has worked with a wide range of vulnerable young people, with complex issues ranging from drug and alcohol use, to sexualised behaviours, ongoing abandonment from ages under 18 as young as 6 years. She joined SANCCS to extend her ability to make a positive difference in the lives of our young people.

Also, she really, REALLY loves pugs.